It’s like being in the Caribbean!

We had a visit from Sophie who knows all about steel drums. The children worked in pairs and learned the beat to ‘Baby Shark’ and ‘Shotgun’ and they were all absolutely amazing! Some of them were even able to dance along as they played. They sounded fantastic and anyone who walked through made lovely comments.


Story Time

Class 2 had a lovely time in the library with some of their grown-ups. It was so lovely to see them all snuggled up and either reading to their grown-ups or having stories read to them.

Flying High

Year 2 have had their last forest school session for this term and it was a little bit breezy to say the least! But they made the most of it and made kites and parachutes out of different materials and flew them around the secret garden. Lots of fun was had….some flew so well that they went over the fence!

World Book Day

What a day we had! The day started with the making of snozzcumber sandwiches which were delicious despite the sound of the name. Then we went into the hall to look at everyone’s amazing costumes and pick the winner from each class….ours was Robert for his fantastic Captain Underpants effort.  Then we had a special visit from Burglar Bill who came to clear his name and told us his story. After lunch we watched the original BFG which was made in 1989 because we had just finished reading the story that morning! We had a great day!

Stuck to our what?!

IMG_0530In Maths Miss Dodds told us that we had pieces of paper stuck to the bottom of our chairs! We checked and we actually did! On them was a true or false question all to do with comparing lengths. We had to answer them correctly in order to be given a letter to start building up a sentence. We had to figure out the letters that we didn’t receive in order to reach the final sentence. We can’t wait to do this!