Budding Writers

As the launch to their new project ‘Where is the best place for a book to begin?’ Year 2 made their way to Seven Stories for a fantastic fun-filled morning of creativity and imagination. They started off listening to a story called ‘Me and my Dad’ and it was all about a little girl and her Dad’s really boring journey…or so it seemed. The little girl used her imagination and turned all the boring things they saw on the way into really funny and crazy things.  The children were then given really boring pictures to use their imaginations on and turn them into amazing story settings.


Visit from the RNLI

This morning Class 2 had a visit from an RNLI volunteer. She gave up her time to come and talk to us about water safety and what the role of the organisation is. She showed us their flag and some of the flags that we might see if we were at that beach and what they mean.  We REALLY impressed her with all of our Grace Darling knowledge! She showed us what kind of things people where nowadays compared to what they wore a long time ago and some of us got to try things on. We then worked in small groups to find dangers in the water.

Treasure Hunters

There was a locked treasure chest in our classroom this week and no one knew why it was there or where it had come from.

We then received an envelope with money challenges inside and 4 sets of keys. We had to answer our questions correctly in order to find the correct key to open the chest.

Miss Dodds opened the chest and inside were lots of chocolate coins!


Problem Solvers

When Year 2 came into the classroom on Friday, there was an envelope stuck to the board addressed to Class 2. Miss Dodds opened it and it was from Jon Paff, a songwriter.  He told us that he had written a sea shanty to learn ready to perform it as our project outcome. He refused to give them the title of the shanty and said they had to use their magnificent maths skills to find out what it was. 14 letters made up the title, so we had 14 addition and subtraction problems to solve to earn each letter and get our title.

Deep Sea Divers

On the warmest day in a while, Class 2 made their way to Tynemouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium (and a cheeky visit to the beach)! They started by exploring the aquarium and seeing how many of the sea creatures they could tick off their search list.  They managed to find them all! The best creature were the seals, though. They were so much fun and the children all got soaked when they were playing around in the water. After that, they learned lots of interesting and surprising facts about starfish (and so did the grown-ups)! It was then decided that because it was such a lovely, sunny day that we would head down to the beach for a while before going back to school.

Maths Challenge

When we came into school on Friday, there were lots of tasks on our tables. We had no idea what they were. It turns out they were Maths challenges all to do with length, height, capacity and time for us to figure out using our knowledge of place value. We had to work as a team, discussing, listening to each other and checking our working out in order to get through all the tasks.  The red group answered them all correctly and in the fastest time- well done that group! However….every single team managed to answer all of the questions correctly which is absolutely amazing!